The item file name is "", you need to extract it on your computer.

After item file is extracted, you will see 1 zip file, 1 html file and a folder

The actual theme file is "", this file is what you need to upload to your CloudArcade site.


First step, go to "Theme" page (Admin panel), then upload "" file by clicking (+) element.

After theme file uploaded, this page should be shown, insert your License Key (Theme purchase code) on the input field, then click "Install".
Note: License key sent to your email after purchase.

If everything is fine, there will be a success alert.

Go to "Theme" page, you will see a new theme here, Activate it to start using the theme.

Theme Options

"Theme Options" is a custom feature from a theme. Go to "Layout" page, then click "Theme Options" tab.

Allow mobile version You can activate nor deactivate mobile game player.

Category Icons You can set a icon for specific category by put category slug in the field.

Top Players

"Top Players" is a bonus page or feature, with "Top Players" you can show the leaderboard of users/players based on their XP


Thanks for your purchase!